Loans & Overdrafts

WORKERS LOAN: This will aid you towards the acquisition of home appliances, a vehicle, payment of school fees, medical, travel and so forth.
We provide this service to employees from different walks of life; ranging from the Government, UN, NGOs and Private Sectors.

Workers’ loans aimed to provide financial assistance to various employees (Government, NGO and Private Sectors) who are in need of such services. Under this category, employer will sign an agreement with GRB that will guarantee his employee who is in need of financial assistance. The employer will make sure that the employees’ salaries are paid through the bank for monthly repayments deducted from the source (their monthly salaries) The facility may be issued in a form of an installment loan or an overdraft facility.

• It provides funds for personal effects, purchase of property, payment of school fees, medical, funeral, travel, investment activities etc
• Easily available within our wide branch network within the Ga West, East, South, North and Weija municipalities
• Competitive interest rates
• Low lending charges

1. Permanent employee or on contract of not less than 1 year.
2. Three current salary slips
3. Identity card supported by introduction letter from employer
4. Guarantee from employer
5. Repayment amount must be 40% of Net Salary

BUSINESS LOAN: GRB offers its customers a customized business loan product that is ideally suited to the needs of their business. The GRB Business Loan is specifically designed for entrepreneurs to provide working capital or to finance the inventory and/or equipment purchases, investments, agricultural supplies or any other business related purpose. The GRB Business Loan helps you to grow your business,

• It provides loan funds for working capital, purchase of capital items and investment activities
• Easily available within our wide branch network all within the Ga West, East, South, North and Weija municipalities
• Competitive interest rates
• Low lending charges
• Can get technical advisory services on various areas of business management and book keeping

The borrower must:
• Be an individual entrepreneur or merchant, or a registered legal entity engaged in income-generating activities;
• Have a GRB Current Account;
• Have at least 6 months experience in the same business with evidence of banking transaction;
• Be able to demonstrate competence and expertise in a particular business sector;
• Demonstrate capability of operating a business profitably;
• Have collateral (e.g. Cash security, business equipment, vehicle, house or land).

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Money Transfers

We offer the following Money Transfer Services
1. Western Union
2. MoneyGram
3. E-switch
4. Mobile Money, etc.

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Savings & Current Accounts

SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Saving with GRB gives customers the assurance that they can access their money as and when it is needed the most. The GRB Savings Account is a simple and convenient way for customers to earn competitive interest rates on their savings, whilst those savings are instantly accessible when you need it.

• Competitive interest rates;
• The interest is payable monthly;
• Affordable opening balance;
• SMS alert on every transaction;
• Easy access to your savings when you need it;
• Low monthly fees;

Eligibility Criteria
• The savings account can be opened by individual or any registered business
• Identity card either passport, driving license, voters id or national id;
• Residential proof either letter from local authorities or utility bills;
• Two passport size photos;
• Minimum opening balance of GH¢10.00
• 18 years and above.
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The GRB Current Account is a transaction account to all individuals, registered businesses and salary workers. The account allows you to safely manage your money and makes easy payments and withdrawals. Conveniently account access deposits and withdrawal. The GRB Current Account puts you in control of your money. The GRB Current Account provides you with an easy overview of all your business transactions.

• Affordable opening and maintenance cost;
• Access to deposit and withdraw nationwide;
• Gives you access to salary or business loan and overdraft facility;
• Access to use GRB ATM card supported by the nationwide GH-link switch ATM network. Anytime, anyplace;
• GRB mobile app (Gaconnect) that enables you to pay transfers funds electronically and pay utilities such as electricity, water, TV subscription and other services (under construction);

Eligibility Criteria • The Current account can be opened by individuals or any registered businesses;
• Signatory ID(passport, driving-licenses, voters-card, national id);
• 2 passport photographs of authorized signatories;
• An opening balance of GH¢10;
• The minimum age for applicants is 18 years;
• Residential proof (letter from local authorities or bill utilities).

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Treasury Bills & Fixed Deposits

The best investment available for Businesses, Individuals and Pensioners.
• Do you want to save your money at a very attractive interest rate?
• Did you ever think of the easiest way to get a return on your saving?
• GRB offers competitive interest rates on fixed term deposit accounts allowing you to choose and receive your interest on maturity of your investment.
This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss... Invest from GH¢10,000 to earn up to 17% per annum

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Group loans are generally for business development and therefore expected to generate income in an existing business. A sample case of a group loan would involve 3 -10 business people, with experience working together, forming a loan group and acting as guarantees to one another. The group receives training from a Loan Officer, covering all areas of the bank’s lending methodology, basic topics on loan use, and business plan. This training also would cover all steps necessary in the groups’s formation and procedures.

The initial amount of loan for every member in the group varies from GH¢500.00 to 4,000.00 with a maximum loan amount of up to GH¢5,000,000. The size of an individual business determines the amount of the first loan. Subsequent loans may be established, based on the customer’s repayment history, the amount of savings put in, attendance and general conduct. Loans can be made for a period of three to six months, with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments.

Group loans are reliable and processed quickly. Loan terms are flexible, affordable to most low income earners and rural poor, and we offer a top up loan. Informal loan security is accepted and repayment can be made through a variety of methods.

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