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Happy with the basics, or want the extra benefits your lifestyle demands? Bank wherever you are, whenever you want

What we offer​

Our bank accounts give you the freedom to manage your money and make payments the way you choose to
Here are some benefits of our bank accounts.



Bank the way you want to, whenever you want to – online, in-app or at our ATMs


Know your money’s safe when making payments in-store, online or overseas


Contactless Card

Make Contactless payments in-store. Just Tap and Pay without entering a PIN



Move funds instantly between your accounts or to any bank in Ghana

Our Bank Accounts

Savings Account

Saving with GRB gives customers the assurance that they can access their money as and when it is needed the most. The GRB Savings Account is a simple and convenient way for customers to earn competitive interest rates on their savings, whilst those savings are instantly accessible when you need it.

Current Account

The GRB Current Account is a transaction account to all individuals, registered businesses and salary workers. The account allows you to safely manage your money and makes easy payments and withdrawals. Conveniently account access deposits and withdrawal. The GRB Current Account puts you in control of your money. The GRB Current Account provides you with an easy overview of all your business transactions.