The account that lets

you save for your goals.

Saving with GRB gives customers the assurance that they can access their money as and when it is needed the most. The GRB Savings Account is a simple and convenient way for customers to earn competitive interest rates on their savings, whilst those savings are instantly accessible when you need it.

What you get

  • Competitive interest rates

  • The interest is payable monthly

  • Affordable opening balance

  • SMS alert on every transaction

  • Easy access to your savings when you need it

  • Low monthly fees

Eligibility Criteria

  • The savings account can be opened by individual or any registered business

  • Identity card (Ghana Card)

  • Residential proof either letter from local authorities or utility bills

  • Two passport size photos

  • Minimum opening balance of GH¢10.00

  • 18 years and above